“Adapting The Teaching Of Computational Intelligence Techniques To Improve Learning Outcomes”

Adapting the Teaching of Computational Intelligence Techniques to Improve Learning Outcomes”
In this group study, you look at the effect of technology-driven concepts applied to a university setting. This paper is about the required ability and readiness of a deeper understanding of algorithms of MSCIS students at a Swiss university where the authors have been teaching artificial intelligence (AI) methods for ten years. The research focuses on assignments that lead the students to develop new algorithms or modify existing ones or make them suitable for new areas of applications.
You are required to look at the teaching concepts, their changes over time, and experiences that have been made with a focus on improving students’ learning outcomes in understanding the material—based on a thorough analysis of the result, address the following questions:

  1. Because DBA is usually a      non-technical field of study, in what way do you think the result of this      study could apply to DBA programs?
  2. Find similar research such as      Ref 16 of the paper (Faculty of Informatics and Management (FIM) in Hradec      Kralove): (included in this week’s material: Poulova, P., Klimova, B.:      Education in computational sciences. Procedia Comput. Sci. 51, 1996–2005      (2015)).

What do you think about the following questions:

  1. Can the student understand the      optimization problem (by identifying the problem instance and the      optimization method)? (level 2, understand, following Bloom)
  2. Can the student create a      computational optimization experiment to generate optimization results?      (level 6, evaluation/create, following Bloom)
  3. How about DBA students who need      analytical tools to test their hypothesis
  4. What lessons could we learn      from this experiment?

Professor’s Guidance:
Keep in mind that you are looking at a very relevant problem to your own life as DBA students. We see every day that DBA students struggle with analytical tools ( Statistical regression, hypothesis testing, linear programing, AHP, optimization, OR, etc.). So, make sure you look at the existing research in the application of learning technology for the CI courses.

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