An Analysis Of Effective Marketing Campaigns To Promote Blended Study In Canadian Universities

Need to write a Research proposal for 5 to 6 pages for above topic with references, need to cover below points precisely
Introduction : Proposal introduction has five components –
– Establishing the problem leading to the study
– Reviewing the literature about the problem
– Identifying deficiencies in the literature about the problem
– Targeting an audience and noting the significance
– Identifying the purpose of the proposed study
The Importance of Introductions :
– Sets the stage for the project
– Creates reader interest in the topic
– Establishes the problem leads to the study
– Places the study within the larger context of literature
– Reaches out to a specific audience
• A research problem is the problem or issue that leads to the need for a study
• Potential sources
– Personal experience
– Debate in the literature
– Literature gaps that need to be addressed
– Policy debates (in government)
– Research Problem ≠ Research Question
– Write one paragraph per element (about 1 or 2 pages)
– State the research problem
– Review studies that have addressed the problem
– Indicate deficiencies in the studies
– Advance the significance of the study for particular audiences
– State the purpose statement
• Outline : Purpose of Statement, its Significance and Meaning, Mixed methods purpose statement (Qualitative purpose statement + Quantitative purpose statement )
• The purpose statement
– Indicates why you want to do the study
– Indicates what you intend to accomplish
– Is the central controlling idea in a study
– Is written in a sentence or several sentences
– Sets the objectives, the intent, or the major idea of a proposal or a study
A mixed methods purpose statement:
• Contains
– Information about both the quantitative and qualitative strands of the study
– A rationale for combining quantitative and qualitative strands
• Guidelines include
– Begin with words that signal intent: purpose, study aim, intent of
– Indicate the overall purpose of the study from a content perspective
– Indicate the type of mixed methods design (e.g. convergent, sequential)
– Reasons for combining both quantitative and qualitative data

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