An Excerpt From Reader’s Digest- Waris Dirie’s Desert Flower

Read: an excerpt from Reader’s Digest- Waris Dirie’s Desert Flower
Instructions for #’s 2 – 10: Include a paragraph discussing Dirie’s experience. Each section is worth 3 points.
#’s 2 – 10 are the titles within the excerpt and they are in bold to break up each segment of her story. Include citations under each section. I modeled how to cite with #’s 2-4.
1. Google Waris Dirie. List her name, credentials, and anything else of interest. Find out 7 things about her. This question is worth 2 points.
2. Child of the Desert (This section is worth 3 points. )
Discuss what happened to Waris Dirie here with citations (Dirie 2).
3. Becoming a Woman
Discuss what happened to Waris Dirie here with citations (Dirie 4).
4. The Marriage
Discuss what happened to Waris Dirie here with citations (Dirie 5).
5. Mogadishu
6. Maid in London
7. “Look in the Mirror”
8. Welcome Surgery
9. Back to Somalia
10. My Mission
Follow these instructions:
o Type and print your paper in black ink (do not submit your work in any other color).
o Use Arial or Times New Roman font, 12 point.
o Use 1 inch margins.
o Double space your paper.
o Number your pages.
o Number your answers.
o Make sure that it is the length I require based on 1 inch margins.
o Citations: Include citations with each paper and question.

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