Benchmark On IKEA

In a paper of 1,000-1,200 words, discuss potential growth  opportunities and strategies for your selected company and compare the  advantages and disadvantages of each opportunity. The company is IKEA

  1. Conduct a  SWOT analysis for your selected company and discuss your findings. What  advantages does your company have over its competition? What  opportunities exist in the industry from which your company can benefit?  Who is your company’s competition, and what types of risks might they  pose? What weak areas could your company improve to compete with its  strongest competitors?
  2. Identify strategic alternatives that  create value for the company. Which ones are focused on internal growth  and what do they offer to the company? What are the drawbacks of these  strategies? Which ones are focused on external growth and what do they  offer the company? What are the drawbacks of these strategies?
  3. How  would you use a decision matrix to identify the leading alternative?  Explain how you determined the values used to distinguish between each  option. What about the matrix, if anything, may be limiting in its use  value to an analyst or decision maker?
  4. What factors might  inhibit the success of the optimal strategic alternative identified? How  can the issues you identified be addressed and corrected?
  5. Growing  an organization is not always about increasing the size of the firm. If  expansion is not the main focus, what other elements lend themselves to  growth of the firm? How might each be achieved?

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