Book Tittle “Discovering The Life Spam 5th Edition”

Im looking for some help. I need a 5 page essay and this are the teachers instructions
Submit a Research Paper of at least 5 pages long in APA 7th Edition; the topic can be any topic from any chapter in your textbook. The paper must follow the format below:
Page 1 – Cover Page
Pages 2, 3 & 4 – Narrative of topic with in-text citations
Page 5 – References page (at least 3 References)
The research paper may be longer than 5 pages but CANNOT be less than 5 pages. It must be written in APA 7th Edition and should be original work. No student should use papers from previous courses and submit those — that is NOT acceptable and will create an issue where if a student is caught doing this, he or she will get an “F” in this course.
Please as original as possible 

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