Coca Cola Business, Growth, Acquisition And Alliance Strategy Identification

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Here is what is required to complete the essay:
Using the company you have been assigned(COCA-COLA) for the Strategic Plan Writing Assignment, write a report of no more than five pages double-spaced that addresses the following three items:

  1. Identify your firm’s major business and growth strategies along with any stated strategic objectives. The textbook and video lectures will help you in identifying these strategies as there are a limited number of them to choose from.  Are the strategies in alignment with your firm’s stated mission and vision?  (note: All firms have strategies and objectives, which should be in the annual shareholders’ report or 10-K, though they may be called something different).
  2. Investigate if your firm has used acquisitions and/or alliances for growth (these are typically disclosed in the 10-K report). What types of acquisitions have they done in the past and have they been successful?  What firms do they have alliances with and what is the strategic reason behind the alliance?
  3. Compare your firm’s strategies and strategic objectives to those of the other competitors in your strategic group. What issues do you note? Are they fighting over the same markets, similar objectives, and with similar business models, or, are they completely different?

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