Computer Workstation Ergonomics

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted our normal way of life, routine, and the way we work and study. Many of us are now forced to study and do our work with computers on makeshift desks or other worksurfaces in our places of residence, which may not be ideal from an ergonomics perspective. In this assignment you will evaluate your current workstation where you use your computer for completing school-related assignments.
The objectives of this activity are to:
· Become familiar with computer workstation ergonomics
· Develop assessment skills using a Computer Workstation Assessment Checklist designed to assess awkward working postures that may be contributed to by workstation layout
· Suggest ways to correct awkward and unsupported postures at computer workstations
Upon completion of this activity you will have a better understanding of how to assess a computer workstation for postures and support issues that might result in musculoskeletal discomfort, develop strategies to adjust the workstation to reduce these occurrences, and have a better idea of what adjustments may be needed to improve the setup you are currently using to work on your computer.
1. Computer Workstation Evaluation Checklist: Utilize the Computer Workstation Assessment checklist assessing the workstation and chair you are currently using to complete your school-related computer work (e.g., class assignments, watching lectures, etc.).
2. Picture of Workstation: Take a picture of your current workstation where you use your computer. Include the worksurface, computer and monitor (or laptop), mouse (if using one), chair, etc. If possible, have someone take a picture of you at your computer workstation in its normal configuration.
3. Computer Workstation Assessment and Improvements: Provide a summary of your checklist assessment of your computer workstation, focusing on the questions that you answered ‘no’ to. Identify improvements to your computer workstation that you can make immediately that would address the questions you answered ‘no’ to. Identify other improvements that you could make but would need to purchase/acquire. If you make any adjustments based on your assessment, submit a picture showing your adjustments.
Assignment Submission
1. 20 pts – Submit your completed Computer Workstation Evaluation Assessment checklist.
2. 8 pts – Submit your overall summary of your completed checklist (see item 3 above) and recommended changes (immediate and future) based on your results of your checklist assessment (no more than 1-page in length).
3. 4 pts – Submit a picture of your current computer workstation and another picture if you made adjustments to your computer workstation, documenting the adjustments that were made, and future adjustments that could be made.

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