Court Proceedings Before Trial

Brent Christensens alleged kidnapping and murder of a Chinese scholar, Yingying Zhang, who was attending the University of Illinois, is one of the most high-profile federal cases Central Illinois has seen for years.
For this paper, use your favorite search engine and conduct a brief investigation on the case. It is not necessary to get an in-depth view of the case (unless you want to), but rather the goal is that you understand the amount of attention the media in the area has given the case.
One of the motions filed by Christensens attorneys is for a change of venue.
Based on your investigation, do you think a change of venue is justified? Make sure to reinforce your thoughts with specific examples.
When forming your thoughts, you might want to take into consideration this brief article: Social Media Crime (Links to an external site.).
350-450 words excluding references, APA format and a minimum of 3 references

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