Crisis Management

I need the answer as the template I attached to this question and I have added the references in the below question.
you will use the questions you devised in Week 1 (see below fro questions) to administer your  interview and report the findings.
You will start by answering the following questions:
In what industry is the company you are building your case study?
At what stage in the industry life cycle is the business? 
At what stage in the organizational life cycle is the business? 
How did COVID-19 affect the company at this stage and would it have been different if the company was at a different stage? (Here, you will use the information you got from your interview).
Note: You will need to cite the textbook and at least six (6) peer-reviewed sources.

After answering these questions, you will continue with your findings from your interview using the questions from the first week’s Discussion question (DQ 1.1.)
Conclude by summarizing your findings.
As per the APA manual (7th edition), works that cannot be recovered by readers are cited as “personal communications.” This includes emails, phone conversations, text messages, social media messages, and so forth are all examples of personal communication.
Narrative citation: (i.e., direct)
Johns Smith (personal communication, August 1, 2020) noted that..…
Parenthetical citation: (i.e., indirect)
….. complete (J. Smith, personal communication, August 1, 2020).
This does NOT go in your reference list (Basically, it is the exception to the rule that every citation must correspond to a reference and every reference must correspond to a citation). it is only a citation.
Week 1 Questions:
I am choosing Mastercard a financial company which i worked prior to my new job:
1)How did your company effected during the pandemic and what actions you have taken to overcome the COVID-19?
2)How will training proceed and what tools will you provide if employees have to work from home?
3)During this period did you have any financial loss or usage of Credit and Debit payments?
4)what measures have you taken for customers to use contact less payments instead of a physical cards?
5)did your company made any changes to the work environment to keep the employees safe during pandemic?
6)Did your company conduct any exercises or planned any stratagies for post-crisis?
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