Critical Evaluation Of A Scientific Paper Into A Magazine Style

-750 words ±10% (excluding any text associated with diagrams or figure).
journalistic style scientific magazine article; essay in a written style suitable for publication in (language appropriate for non-experts, simplify concepts, and write in a journalistic, not scholarly, style) eg: New Scientist-style article
In short, the paper should be easy, interesting and enjoyable to read. Like someone is reading an article in a newspaper.
in the paper you MUST address the following
an introductory paragraph that gives background information, clearly articulates the aims, and leads into the main body of the article- concluding/summary paragraph
-critically evaluating the research paper (Brain Activity Foreshadows Stock Price Dynamics)
-understanding the significance and limitations of the study
-highlight the strengths, weaknesses and future studies that are required to substantiate any claims made
-student’s own evaluation of the quality and reliability of the data
-a unique synthesis of ideas, by examining related works, (use this paper as basis and use 1or 2 extra paper for additional point if needed) in order to generate own conclusions
-the article should leave a lasting impression on the reader
-the reader should be left engaged by the article and likely to want to
find out more. -novel features of the article not classified elsewhere.
In text citation you should use the following style
( a study led by Professor X at the University of —-) and not in Harvard style
-use of non-scientific language, simplification of concepts, diagrams
-Use of acronyms and scientific jargon should be minimized as much as possible, again unless clearly defined and explained. -high standard of punctuation and grammar
-The use of abbreviations minimal – organise the article in a logical order.

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