Criticizing, Evaluating, And Describing Works Of Art.

Assume the role of a critic,view the following piece of work ;- ( the images can be found online google or any website the images will appear.)
a) ” a bar at the Folies-bergere” by Edouard Manet.
b) ” Judith beheading Holofernes” art painted by Caravaggio in Rome 1599
c) ” Pieta” by Michelangelo in 1498-1499
d) ” migrant mother” captured by Dorothea Lange in 1936.
e)  ” les Demoiselles d’avignon” by Pablo Picasso in 1907.
f) ” still life with Apples” created by Paul Cezanne in 1893.
identify key elements of the work using  terminology common to the discipline, using a few concise paragraphs for each piece discuss each work as a critique would and analyze.
1) identify the key elements of that piece of art and explain them referencing other works of art.
2) use the common vocabulary of that field of art with detailed explanation.
3) explain what the piece is about or the movement the piece represents in detail, referencing other works of art.
4) Thoroughly discuss the pieces and insightful details provided making referencing to additional works.

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