Cultural Traditions And Cross Cultural Comparison On Death And Dying

You will compare/contrast/analyze three DIFFERENT cultures and their beliefs, philosophies and practices surrounding aging, death and dying, afterlife, and worldviews.
Special notes:
Be sure to thoroughly cover all three cultures and all three steps: comparing, contrasting and analyzing.
This paper must be in your own words and do not copy/past any of the material.
Criteria and Rubric:
1. Your paper needs to be written in APA format. Times New Roman/12 point font/double spaced. The first page needs to be your title page. Please include your name and the time of your class. Place your name on the first page ONLY
2. The second page needs to be the abstract page.  On this page you will write a paragraph that summarizes what you will be including in your formal paper.
3. The next 3 pages MINIMUM will be what you learned from researching three different cultures. One page per culture and one reference per culture.
Remember: three pages is a minimum standard to meet at least a grade of C. It is always wise to surpass minimal standards.
You will compare/contrast/analyze three DIFFERENT cultures and their beliefs, philosophies and practices surrounding aging, death and dying, the afterlife, and worldview. Be sure to incorporate ample class notes as well as your textbook to thoroughly cover all three cultures and all three steps: comparing, contrasting and analyzing.
4. If you do use a direct quote, you need to use a parenthetical citation.  In the parenthetical citation (in parentheses) you need to write the author’s last name and follow it with a comma.  The last part is to include the year that the reference was published.  You need to include at least 3 references (proper APA works cited page and in-text citations).
NOTE: You must use EVERY source you list so if you use more than 3 sources be certain that you utilize the source and apply an in-text citation in the body of the paper as well. 

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