Database Management Question

Lab Assignment III (Submission by May 17, 2021)
The solution should be uploaded onto VTOP
Maximum marks 10
Answer ALL questions.
Instructions: Take screen shots of the PL/SQL code as well as execution of the same.
Sharing and/or Copying of answer file or part thereof will be treated as malpractice and the
candidate involved in such practice WILL BE AWARDED ZERO MARKS.
1. Implement and test a PL/SQL block to display train number, train name, passenger name and
age of the passenger and enter the same data into another table with an additional column called
Remarks. The Remarks column should contain information about the type of the train and
whether the passenger is above 60 years of age. (4)
2. Implement and test a PL/SQL block to store day of week and the number of passengers
travelled by trains on the day. The data should be distributed in three different tables based on
which day of the week it is – data for Monday to Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, Saturday and
Sunday should be stored in three different tables. (3)
3. Implement and test a PL/SQL block to display passenger name in the age group of 20 to 30,
his/her boarding station and alighting station when the PNR number of the passenger is entered

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