Develop your own advertising

For this assignment, you will select one of the brands/products of your own choice and develop your own advertising for it.
The purpose of this project assignment is to critically think and strategically apply the concepts covered in the course to a specific brand of interest to you.  However, due to the lack of time / resource / experience, this assignment does not require professional-level outcome. In this class, it is important for you to gain initial experience in developing an advertising campaign on your own.
Suggested Brands/Products: (1) an existing brand/product, or (2) a local business
Deliverable: You can create either (1) 30-second video commercial, or (2) a print ad (letter size) of the brand/product you chose above
This project is worth 50 points. This assignment will be evaluated based on persuasiveness of your advertising. It has to be strategic, and it has to be creative! Please keep in mind that advertising is all about persuading others. Also, you need to make sure your advertising applies information obtained in lectures and in your text book. Most importantly….. Have Fun! 🙂
Creativity: 50%

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