Power is the ability to influence others either positively or negatively. In general power is neutral until used.
Managers want employees to perform at a high level even on the first day of work. Employees often miss the opportunity to demonstrate their skills because they don’t feel they have anything to contribute even though they are qualified for the job. Examine the two areas managers want employees to contribute to on day one and the source of power they can use to demonstrate this skill:

  • Establish competence and value added. The power base is position power and personal power.
  • Build strong relationships and networks. The power base is informational power and connection power.

Respond to the following.

  • For this discussion, imagine you are a new employee. Which area would you choose to work on first: establishing competence and value added or building strong relationships and networks?
    • Why did you choose this area?
  • Then identify the specific source of power you will use on the first day: position, personal, information, or connection?
    • Why did you choose this source of power?

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