Do You Think This Approach Is Useful During These Tumultuous Conditions?

Do you think this approach is useful during these tumultuous conditions?
An economy in recession and low job attainment reflects difficulties for low income families during our current dilemma based on the propagation of the COVID-19 virus. Irrespective of the reason people on TANF or other government assistance programs are unable to find work, there is an expectation for them to become gainfully employed. This in many ways blames the victim for the circumstances in which they find themselves. Recessions affect lower wage earners differently. The spread of the virus has highlighted other social detriments affecting their ability to sustain themselves, including not having the ability to work from home, being public faced, which increases their vulnerability to become infected, along with living in food desserts. Job training becomes less effective if you include Maslow’s principles of needing to eat, have clothing, and shelter.
D’Souza and Gurin (2017) proposed a variation to Maslow’s theory I find potentially applicable. The researchers suggested a non-linear format of the hierarchy, allowing for people to meet their needs but not following the straight or horizontal paradigm Maslow proposed. Changing the progressions excepted under normal circumstances allows for more flexibility when attempting to alleviate their distress. Do you think this approach is useful during   these tumultuous conditions?

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