East Asian Culture And History

In an approx 3 page paper, double-spaced, 12-point font, please respond to the following: In the second half of the course, which seems to define “East Asian Culture” the most: China? Outside influences? Or, local, home-grown practices/ideas/institution? 
Use ANY 4 SPECIFIC  examples from-
Mt. Fuji, Japonica, Pak/Sok/Kim,   Lelang ,Queen Seondok of Silla,  Wa , The Tale of Genji , Foot-binding,  Nam Viet, 
Great Wall of Goryeo , 
Ming Examination System,  Keshig,  Akuso, Shinto,  Native Learning School,
Trung Sisters ,Beijing, Yongle Encyclopedia, Admiral Perry, 
Russo-Japanese War, Jiaozi Li Qingzhao, 

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