English The Book Is The Norton Introduction To Literature Kelly J. Mays

For your final essay for the semester, you will be asked to write a compare/contrast style. Literature essay on three pieces of expression that we focused on this semester: A short story, a poem, and drama (this includes films).  Click here for an example literature essay. download
You should adhere to the following criteria when writing your essay in order to receive the best grade possible. Make sure to read pages 1919-1962 in The Norton Introduction to Literature.

  1. The theme of this essay should be focused on how these three examples gives some insight into American culture. In other words, what is similar about how these examples of literature discuss an aspect of American culture? What is different about how these examples discuss an aspect of American culture? While you will be able to discuss both similarities and differences, your essay should be focused more heavily on either comparisons or differences (spend more time arguing one side than the other). It is up to you to choose to focus on the similarities or difference.
  2. You essay should use examples from the textbook. At least two of the pieces you choose to use should come from the book, and one example can be of your choice (either a movie, poem, or short story that you have read or watched and can write at length about that is not one of our readings, or you can use a third example from the text).
  3. The essay should adhere to MLA guidelines and include ALL the ways we write about literature: summaries, quotes, and paraphrases.
  4. The essay should have at least two sources that are considered “non-fiction.” These can be interviews, news articles, expert blogs, or database articles form the SCC library databases. These sources are used to demonstrate how the literature you are writing about are similar or different to how “real world” discussions are carried out.
  5. Your essay should have a Works Cited page and should include an entry for each source you use.

The example is downloaded and attached.

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