Federal Budget And Fiscal Policies

For this Unit VI Assignment, continue with the industry you selected in Unit II.  The annual association meeting of your  selected industry will take place soon. You have been asked to present a  report regarding the current status of the federal budget and fiscal  policies in place in the United States. For your presentation, write a  report (in essay form) in which you consider and explain how the current  status of the federal budget and fiscal policy will impact your chosen  industry over the next 2 years, using economic theory to support the  conclusions you draw.  Do not write your report based just on  textbook theory—address current policy and how it will impact your  industry, based on theory.  Address the following in your report as appropriate:

  • expansionary and contractionary fiscal policy,
  • fiscal policies used to close a recessionary gap and an expansionary gap, and
  • the rationale for budget deficits.

Your report must be a minimum of four  pages (1,000 words, double-spaced). You have already completed  assignments concerning your selected industry in Units II and IV.  Reviewing the information you gathered for those assignments should help  you when completing this one.  Adhere to APA Style when creating citations and references for this assignment. APA formatting, however, is not necessary.  The United States Government Publishing Office website is a helpful website for finding information for this assignment.

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