Federal Statute

Using a Microsoft Word document, please post one federal and one state statute utilizing standard legal notation.
Note: a good way to find any case or statute is to run a Google search using terms like the following example (please don’t use these for your individual responses. Please find your own.):
Example Search terms: “Federal computer statute”—you may choose subject for the statute
Your response:
Federal Statute
Computer Fraud and Abuse Act 
18 U.S. Code § 1030
Example Search terms:  “Kentucky murder statute”—you may choose any state and any subject for the statute
Your response:
State Statute
Kentucky Murder Statute Citation: KRS 507.027
2. In the same document, please post one federal and one state case using standard legal notation.
Example Search terms “US Supreme Court case on death penalty” (Note: The Supreme Court is not the only federal court. You may choose any federal court you want to search)
Your Response:
Federal Case
Supreme Court Case on death penalty
Stanford v. Kentucky, 492 U.S. 361 (1989) 
Example Search terms: “Kentucky Appellate case on joint custody”
Your response:
State Case
Kentucky Supreme Court Case on Custody
Squires v. Squires 854 S.W.2d 765 (1993)
Should be 2 pages with 700 words included

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