Field Experience Alternate Assignment

Overview: IRIS Center Alternative Assignment

  • First, it is recommended that you download the “module outline” pdf file, for each module. This can be found at the bottom of the home page for each module. Use this as a guide to record notes while going through each section of the module. You will not submit the outline form with your assignment.
  • IRIS modules are set up in five easy to follow steps (challenge, initial thoughts, perspectives & resources, wrap up, and assessment). Work through each section, task by task. Take notes in the outline form. Use this as your guide. It is a very easy template to follow.
  • Next, take your notes from the outline form to create an APA formatted paper. Use the five sections as your headings (challenge, initial thoughts, perspectives & resources, wrap up, and assessment) and add subheadings as applies. Document your responses in complete sentences for all sections. There are questions with some sections but not all sections. List the question if there is one. Your insight and responses are required for all categories as indicated on the outline form.
  • Label sections with the five steps then label each question or comment. This way your professor clearly knows which video/sample/activity/website you are referencing. Write in complete sentences with ample details (25-50 words).
  • There is no sample for this assignment as it is a temporary assignment
  • Grading will focus on ample details in each section, correct APA format, and successful completion of each module. Each module is worth 30 pts.

Module Links

  1. Progress Monitoring: Reading

  1. PALS: A Reading Strategy for Grades K-1 [PEER ASSISTED LEARNING STRATEGIES]
  2. PALS: A Reading Strategy for Grades 2-6

What to Submit as “Alternative Assignment”

  • Submit assignment as one MS word document, clearly labeling the modules with APA format subheadings.
  • Include a cover page and reference page.


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