Field Experience B: Mathematical Discourse And Academic Vocabulary

The importance of engaging students in meaningful mathematical discourse is an essential component of students’ mathematical learning experiences. Math involves a variety of academic terms essential to understanding math concepts. Proficiency in an academic language in all content areas is key to learning and achievement.
Part 1: Mathematical Discourse and Academic Vocabulary
Observe your mentor teach at least two mathematics lessons. During the observations, take note of the following:
Instructional strategies that develop student’s verbal and nonverbal skills
Mathematical discourse, or math talk, used in the classroom. (Math talk can be used in verbal, nonverbal, and spoken and written communication. Observe the classroom environment and notice evidence of mathematical discourse found on classroom walls, desks, supplies, but also in teacher-student and student-student conversations).
Using the “Vocabulary Strategies Chart,” in 250-500 words:
Identify five key academic vocabulary terms from the lessons observed during the clinical field experience
Describe the instructional strategies you observed the mentor using that provide ongoing academic vocabulary development.
Select three instructional strategies that could be used in the lesson to provide opportunities for students to justify and explain their mathematical thinking. The opportunities should include one or more interpersonal communication activities, such as pairs or small groups, and at least one that involves writing and using the math vocabulary being taught.
Part 2: Reflection
Write a 250-500 word reflection that includes the following:
Effective strategies for promoting mathematical discourse citing at least two scholarly sources to support your claims.
Description of how you will promote mathematical discourse and how this supports academic vocabulary development in your classroom students.

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