Gender Neutral Signs From Target

Question 1:  Do you think this is a good idea for Target to implement?  Explain.
Question 2:  Please describe the positives and negatives that may be associated with this change.  Explain.
Question 3:  Will this change help, hurt or have no impact on Target?  Explain your answer.
Question 4:  Go to (Links to an external site.) to see how this was implemented (if at all) online.  How can they improve their toy website?  Explain.
Four paragraphs should be included in each video assignment. Each paragraph should contain 5 – 10 sentences. You must enter your answers directly on the Discussion Board by the due date. No need to retype the questions. Simply list the question # and your response. Once your answers are submitted, you will be able to see your classmate’s posts. You will need to comment on at least 2 of them by the due date. Comments to classmates should be one paragraph (5+ sentences) in length.

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