Hardened And Open Border Paradox

Discussion Questions: Is it cost effective from a risk analysis perspective to spend billions of dollars in an effort to stop a “hand-full of people” who are bound to terrorize the United States? What is the “Hardened Border Paradox? What is the “Open Border Paradox? How can both be overcome? Compare and Contrast the two.
Response needs to be 350 word minimum and the links below are the sources required to be utilized. APA style references required.
UNITED STATES–MEXICO–CANADA TRADE FACT SHEET Modernizing NAFTA into a 21st Century Trade Agreement | United States Trade Representative (ustr.gov)
Assessing Homeland Security Risks: A Comparative Risk Assessment of 10 Hazards – HOMELAND SECURITY AFFAIRS (hsaj.org)
Rethinking the Role of the U.S. Mexican Border in the Post-9/11 World | Council on Foreign Relations (cfr.org)

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