Hearning And Neuroscience

Hear Me Hear Me!
Hearing is an important function in hearing able individuals. You use this sense to gather information about the environment, engage in conversations, express opinions, and to avoid getting hit by a flying object when someone yells, “Duck!” Issues with hearing or processing sound can have a large impact on the quality of life, speech, and the strength and health of the auditory cortex if it is not discovered and treated. This is especially true for the youngest and oldest in our society. Read the two articles below and choose one to discuss. Share facts about how the brain is impacted by hearing issues, and how you see it playing a role in learning, communication, and esteem in the individual affected.
Burry, M. (2020, December 22). Auditory deprivation and brain atrophy from untreated hearing loss. Healthy Hearing. https://www.healthyhearing.com/report/46306-Hearing-loss-auditory-deprivation
Riggs, L. (2018, December 4). Auditory processing – What is it? Retrieved from http://www.nacd.org/auditory-processing-what-is-it-hearing-vs-processing/

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