Journal Article Review – Exercise Science related journal –

Journal Article Review Instructions
Select an article from a reputable scientific Human Performance or
Exercise Science related journal to analyze. Keep in mind that 10
points of your total grade will be allotted to how relevant your
article is to Exercise Physiology. Also, clearly identify the
strengths and weaknesses of the research study’s design.
Using the template, compose a 3–5-page review of the article in
paragraph form. (Bullet points will not be accepted.) Also, you must
submit your article as a PDF to the instructor when you submit your
journal article review.
Failure to submit the article you reviewed to the instructor by the
assigned “approval deadline date” will result in an automatic 10 point
deduction from your overall journal article review score.
Title your assignment EXSC-510: Advanced Exercise Physiology Article
Review and type your name at the bottom of the last page of your
review. You must format your paper with 12-point Times New Roman font,
double spacing, and 1–1.25-inch margins. You will be graded on your
spelling and grammar, and your overall grade will be reduced if you
are “poor” in either category. There must be absolutely no typos,
spelling mistakes, or grammatical errors in your paper. Be sure to
proofread your article review multiple times and review the grading
rubric prior to submission.
After choosing the article (exercise physiology) plesae let me know,

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