Leading Strategic Change Within An Organization

Answer the following questions in essay format (you will need six peer-reviewed sources for support) in a 4-to-5-page APA formatted paper (with a minimum of six [6] peer-reviewed sources):
Read: Reflective exercise: creative accidents and creative dreams? On page 46.
1.  In today’s frenetic world, how can we create boundaries that structure our working day to ensure that there is room for creative thinking?
2.  Reflect on and discuss the suggestion that problems at the forefront of our mind may continue to be processed and resolved within our dreams.
3.  Consider new experiences that you have had over the past 12 months and the extent to which they have stimulated new ideas and ways of thinking.
4.  Do you believe that old experiences can ignite new ideas or stifle creative thinking?
5.  If creativity is part of the process that enables leaders, managers and professionals to think and do things differently, how can this be encouraged in the workplace?
NOte: Plz go through the attached file for case to answer the question accordingly

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