Learning Styles And Health Education

The VARK Questionnaire is a tool that provides information on your personal learning style. The VARK site also includes strategies for each learning style (VARK questionnaire/VARK strategies).
Complete the VARK Questionnaire (the test takes approximately 8 minutes). Upon completion, you will be given “Your VARK Results.” Review the VARK strategies for the different learning styles.
In a 500-750 word essay:

  1. Summarize the results of your VARK Questionnaire and indicate your primary learning preference according to the assessment. Describe how these findings compare to how you learn health information?
  2. Describe the differences between health education and health promotion. Explain how learning styles could be used to provide effective health education.
  3. Consider how social determinants of health contribute to the health issues and the literacy level of a population. Outline two strategies that can be used to promote the health and health literacy a population
  4. Discuss how you would determine the most appropriate channel for disseminating educational messages to an individual or group.
  5. How do health education campaigns differ from other health education channels. Discuss the characteristics that make health education campaigns effective.

Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center.

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