Logic Model

Community Practice  (5-7 Pages)
This assignments measures (Competencies 6-8: K, V, CAP)
Create a simple logic model that describes a program need or effort to solve a community problem at your field placement.  You should seek input and guidance from your supervisor or community stakeholder about the need.
For example: Based on your interview with the local councilman you learn that the significant problem within the community is youth homelessness. Your field agency currently has programs which includes evening and weekend housing and recreation. Based on your data, you determine that the community needs a program to assist youth with employment to obtain permanent housing. Create a logic model for your proposed program.
The final paper should be approximately 5-7 pages in length (including logic model and narrative), APA style and format.
1.  Introduction
●  What is a logic model?
●  Why is it relevant? Useful? Necessary?
●  What are key limitations for logic models?
2.  What population, program or organization will you create a logic model for?
3.  How did you seek consultation and guidance (who did you interview? Provide a brief summary)
4.  Develop a logic model as outlined in class: Inputs, Activities, Outputs, and Outcomes.
●  Inputs – List variables to be used under the headings of clients, staff, material resources, facilities, and equipment. On a separate sheet of paper give a narrative explanation as to why you chose your inputs as it relates to best practices.
●  Activities – Identify all services to be provided, and include a one-sentence service definition for each. List the relevant service tasks and methods of intervention for each service.
●  Outputs – List and define units of service for each service to be provided.
●  Intermediate Outcomes – List the intermediate outcomes for each service being provided.
●  Final Outcomes – List final outcomes
●  Logic Model Narrative: Explain why you chose activities and how they logically lead to outcomes.
5.  Concluding thoughts about logic modeling and the impact on your program, agency and community being served.

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