Map Of Emotions

The essay should be at least 3 pages long, double spaced and typed in 12 font. Any system of citation is welcome; however, you must be consistent in the style of citation you use throughout your paper. Look online for info on how to cite using MLA, APA format
Map of Emotions
This course has been especially curated such that each piece leads into other themes and ideas in the course. Construct a visual “mind map” with connecting lines to various concepts from the readings and lectures, showing how they link. LINK EVERY MAJOR SECTION OF THE COURSE TO THE OTHERS. Not all may touch, but see where you can find the connections. The more you find, the higher your grade will be! On the lines connecting each concept, write what the connection is. For example shame—trauma you might write “Combining the reading on Christian conservatives and Cho’s work, Shame serves to keep the trauma hidden.” You’re your mind goes wild making tons of connections and you feel done with that, also add your own personal emotions to the map, tracing them through the map itself. It could be associations with the material you had throughout the course, or associations you make as you are doing this assignment and reflecting on how the material relates to your life. For example with shame—trauma you might write “I felt shame around my race, and I think it was because my mom was traumatized by racism when her mom beat her as a kid and mocked her hair.” Make sure you do whatever you can do to link your own experience to these larger social issues. If you are a visual person, feel free to make the map look awesome and even add pictures or drawings if you want to visualize it. The personal part of this map is optional. Students who prefer may just do the conceptual map, but should do an extensive job to make up for not adding some personal experience too.
If you want, you can also get creative and make this a visual, actual “Map of Your Emotions” for other folks to read as a guidebook or a “Map of My Emotions” to yourself as a tool to keep yourself conscious for the future.

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