Marketing 3.0

Use an organization as an example to suggest ways in which it can embark on the path to Marketing 3.0.   Your discussion will probably be more effective if you have worked for or with the organization and have firsthand experience with it.

You can discuss any aspect of the organization that is relevant.  For example, you can look into their mission statement and suggest ways to change it.  You can also  study the Zappos example and think about core values, business processes, and day-to-day operations.

Please keep in mind Marketing 3.0 is focused on benefiting customers, communities, and the society.  Employees should be inspired to do what they can for that purpose, and customers should be convinced about the societal value of the business and become more loyal as a result.  The changes you suggest will need to help achieve that.

Please justify the ideas you suggest with clear reasoning.

Any questions on what Marketing 3.0 is, let me know.

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