Methods Section

Reentry Program Research Proposal
This Project is scenario-based. In this scenario, you have been hired as a research consultant by a parole office to create a research proposal to understand the effectiveness of a new, four-week reentry program that will be administered to parolees immediately upon release from the prison. The program involves immediate placement into a job, housing, mandatory counseling, and daily check-ins for the parolee with the parole officer. The office supervisor explains to you that the reason for the four-week reentry program is due to the high recidivism rates (66%) in the past year of all parolees in that county, many of whom recidivated within the first four weeks upon release. The four-week reentry program has not started yet. The parole office is waiting to see your proposal and is willing to implement the program as part of the research design.
Submit the methods section of your Project. Please refer to the Project Assignment Directions below to see the required length for this section.

  1. A methods section in which you identify and support the research design, identify and support one quantitative method that will be used, identify and support one qualitative method that will be used, identify which type of mixed method design, and describe how the triangulation of these two methods will help to answer the research question better. Identify any potential ethical issues. You will need to show how the research methods that you propose are best suited to answer the research question you created.


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