MGMT1100: Principles Of Management Case Study

Competitive Advantage through People. Go to Fortune magazine’s list of the world’s most admired companies at the list, have them select one company and skim the various articles about the company. Ask them to respond to the following questions– what criteria were used to judge companies? Why does one believe this company made the list? What specific management issues make this company so admired?
Paper needs to be 1,600 words and in APA format.
Each individual student will prepare a 1,600-words typewritten analysis of the “Case” provided in your syllabus for each chapter. The analysis should be in summary form. Please adhere to the stated Rubric below for what is expected of the assignment:
1. Identify and summarize any key point(s) or problem(s) presented in the Case.
2. If the case presents questions to be answered, address each question thoroughly in narrative form.
3. Describe at minimum five principles from the associated chapter (chapter covered for the week) that can be applied to the case. Please make sure you bold the principles/terms.
4. Try to relate some important concepts to your own experience.
5. Give examples from your own experience that either reinforce or go against the case.
6. Describe how a Manager/Supervisor can use and apply what you learned from your readings that can be applied to the case.
7. TIP: The more you can integrate course concepts from the text and from your own experiences, the better the grade is likely to be!

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