Moral Social Problems Gun Control Essay

I want to remind you about the paper you have to write. It is to be three to five pages long, double-spaced and based on the articles and research that you have done for your debates. Please make sure to use the articles posted on Bb as your primary source. As usual it should include an introduction stating your thesis, a body in which you support your thesis with evidence and/or argument, and a conclusion. In the body, include at least one counterargument from the other article posted on Bb and don’t forget to respond to the objections.  You can ask your debate partners for help.  Make sure to cite all your quotations and to cite secondary sources, using any citation style (APA, MLA or Chicago); but be consistent!
Notice that in this paper you can include your personal opinion about the argument that you present in one of two ways: (1) include your opinion in the conclusion, or (2) argue against the author you presented. If you choose the latter (2) make your critical argument part of your thesis.

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