Nonverbal Communication

The textbook for this course is The Nonverbal Communication Reader, 3rd edition by Laura K. Guerrero & Michael L. Hecht, Waveland Press, 2008
Our textbook provides summaries of classic journal articles, written quite a few years ago. Attached, please find a review article entitled, Nonverbal Communication, that summarizes articles written from 2007-2018. it is not the most stimulating reading, but it does provide a good sense of the conclusions being drawn about nonverbal communication in a wide variety of contents, giving us an update on the information we have read and providing a valuable resource for those interested in doing additional research in the field.
Please read the Nonverbal Communication article and write a short essay in Microsoft Word, summarizing how the more recent work represented in article differs from what we have learned from reading the textbook. How has the study of nonverbal communication advanced in recent years? For example, have new interests in nonverbal communication developed? Have the methods used to study nonverbal communication changed? Do any of the recent studies contradict the findings of the older studies? As you are writing the essay, do your best to cite specific examples from the textbook and from the contemporary article (using APA style) to support your points and you compare the two.

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