Peer Response 1 – Education

Respond to Peers: When responding to your classmates, be sure to elaborate. For example, if you write that you also found a specific topic interesting, explain what about that topic you found interesting and why. Is it the same aspects of the topic that your classmate found interesting?
If you notice a classmate is struggling with something that you can help with, use your responses as a way to support them. Helping out your classmates will not only benefit them, but it will also help to solidify your own knowledge.
Note: If you have a question, you should contact your instructor through email or Canvas messaging. This open forum is a place for you to collaborate and connect with your classmates as well as support one another. Your instructor will monitor this board and may post, but he/she is not expected to answer all questions.
This first week has been full of information. I was surprised to find that I use many of the skills covered in this class in my day-to-day job duties. Critical Thinking, Creative Thinking, and problem solving are used during safety investigations and A3 initiatives. I found the most eye-opening material was on the information literacy framework identified by the Americal Library Association. Searching as a strategic exploration made me think about my current searching behaviors. (von Winckelmann, 2015, 1.1).
I struggle with research because I am impatient. I do not enjoy researching because it ties up too much of my time. Does anyone else struggle with this? When I go into a research situation, I typically have a predetermined idea of what I want to find, so that is what I look for. Searching as strategic exploration reminds me that I will probably not find everything I need from one source. I hope this course will help me learn ways to research that supports my need for quick results while also providing accurate information. I would love to hear about how others in the class tackle research. What do you do to tackle time restraints or deadlines?

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