Personal Personality Traits

Make a list of your own personality traits and then address the following questions:

  • How much, if at all, has your personality changed from the time you were in elementary school?
  • What specific people and/or events most shaped your personality over the last fifteen years of your life?
  • In terms of personality, which parent are you most like—your mother or your father—and in what ways?
  • After you consider these questions, discuss how, if at all, your answers may help to shed light on the “nature” versus “nurture”

repond. no1
Since my elementary school career, I have drastically changed as a result of being exposed to more anxiety-provoking tasks. My personality has thereby been affected in a number of ways due to the aforementioned prospect. I have since become more organized and artistic due to my increasing creativity–since I have efficacy in visual arts. I have also become more mature, since I am always paying attention to my surroundings and what other people are thinking of me. However many benefits have come around, there are as many negative factors that have affected my personality. As described above, I am always affected by my social anxiety as well as always wanting to be in isolation as a result.
The people who have shaped my personality the most over the span of fifteen years are my parents. I have never acquainted myself with others during my schooling career, in which I would always join friend groups since I would be able to blend within the mix. My mother has allowed me to become more diligent over the span of a few years thereby allowing me to become more vulnerable as well as being independent. My mother also got me in the habit of practicing mindfulness and meditation–since she is a Zen psychologist. This in effect has also improved my mental health. As for my father, he would always follow up with my mother on such activities since he had also experienced loneliness in his working environment. While both myself and my father were going through such rigorous training, we were able to improve upon ourselves as well as monitoring each other during the process.
While I have many similarities to that of my father, my personality type closely resembles that of my mother. This is so since we both have similar mindsets and ideologies, her art also closely resembles that of my own. All the more, she developed in a similar form and fashion to that of my upbringing in which she also had anxiety in abundance while eventually being able to overcome such factors–a process that I have endured myself.
I believe that my anxiety is deeply rooted in the essence of who I am as a human being which has been given to me by both my mother and father. Both experienced separate levels of trepidation, one had social anxiety while the other was agoraphobic for a time. Another factor relates to my emotional intelligence, which was inherently given to me by my mother. Since she is an estimable psychologist in her field, she is able to connect with individuals thereby aiding them in the process. I am also able to do the same as I am capable of befriending myself with others once I feel comfortable around them, thereby helping them in the process. While such components are intrinsic in nature, due to society I am susceptible to change–categorized as extrinsic. As such, my anxiety has perpetuated over the years since I have realized the standards of what it means to be a student, an artist etc. Through the maturation process, I have also realized that I have been affected by the lack of communication with others; in which I am unable to catch up with the times through the means of exposure which is making me into a pariah of sorts.
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My core personality traits are kindness, being an extrovert, caring for others, and being relaxed. My personality has changed completely from the time I was in elementary school. When I was in elementary school, I was very shy and introverted. I didn’t have many friends and I was not very happy. My many life experiences have completely changed my personality and my outlook on life. My personality has undergone such drastic change that when I see people who I haven’t seen in years, they hardly recognize me. As I got older, I went through so many interesting experiences that created core memories as well as life lessons. Every time I made a new friend or went to a new place, my personality evolved. The things that surrounded me as I grew up, such as my school, or friends, or family, have had an extremely integral impact on who I am as a person.
In the past fifteen years of my life, the most significant people who have impacted my life are my friends and family. My dad has greatly influenced my personality and my brothers constantly provide input and an external perspective into my life. I have had many different friends and friend groups over the past fifteen years, and every individual has had a unique impact on my personality. As I shifted between schools and friends, I learned more and became more sociable as a result.
There are also many events that have impacted my personality in extremely significant ways. When I was very young, my mom died, and I am completely different because of it. I always took after my dad more than my mom, but after my mom passed, I spend a lot more time with my dad. I began to develop personality traits that directly reflected those of my dad. Another event that has had a massive impact on my personality is my interest in fitness. For most of my childhood, I was extremely overweight and unhealthy. Fitness has allowed me to become a lot less self-conscious and has given me a constant and consistent set of goals to achieve. Fitness is extremely important to me because it has made me who I am today, and has given me not only a healthier perspective on life, but a higher quality of life overall.
I would say I am more like my dad because, as a result of being around him so much, I have developed a personality very similar to his. Because of him, I have developed a passion for construction and manual labor, I am impatient at times, and I work well in groups. My dad has taught me a majority of what I know and I look up to him as an inspiration. One interesting thing is that my dad and I don’t share any of the same interests outside of work. My dad has been one of, if not the, most important figure in shaping my personality.
Nature and nurture both have massive impacts on personality. Our environment forces us to adapt and learn to succeed, but we are also born with specific traits and a sense of right and wrong.  My brothers and I are perfect examples of this. We all grew up in the same home, and going to the same schools, yet we are all completely different. My older brother is very anti-social and introverted, he takes more after my mom, and he isn’t business-oriented. I am the complete opposite, being an extrovert, taking more after my dad, and always putting work as a first priority.

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