POS220 Short Answer

Please answer each of the questions below in short-answer format. Write your responses in complete sentences. Your answers to each question should include 2 – 3 paragraphs minimum and a minimum of 150 – 250 words.
Be sure to carefully read each question to ensure that each component is answered with the appropriate depth and detail. Your answers should be free of spelling and grammar errors. When using reference material, you must properly cite your sources using in-text citations. You must also include a reference list. All documentation must be rendered in APA citation style (see announcements for details on APA). This includes citing your textbook or course lesson modules.
Review the Short-Answer Grading Rubric and the Short-Answer Assignment Sample as you prepare to complete this assignment.
Please include the question along with your response in the textbox. This is to ensure that you have addressed each question.


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  1. Explain the controversy over the recall of the judiciary in Arizona’s quest for statehood. Be sure to provide examples.
  2. Define and explain the two forms of direct legislation. In your response, be sure to provide examples of each and reflect on the impact these forms of direct legislation have on Arizona residents.
  3. Describe the qualifications and terms of the legislative branch. Explain the “soft limit” and then discuss the benefits and disadvantages on term limits.
  4. Explain how redistricting works in Arizona. Discuss how reapportionment works and explain gerrymandering? Explain what was done in Arizona in an attempt to ensure fairness in redistricting.
  5. Describe the types of elections, what the requirements are for voting, and how a resident of Arizona would register to vote?

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