Professional Growth And Development Plan


It is time for your weekly check-in with Elena, and you need to share a bit of feedback you recently heard about her. In the past, when you have delivered feedback to Elena, she had become frustrated, and the conversation had broken down a bit. You are determined to approach this conversation differently.
Elena is a generally strong employee. She is smart, dedicated, and passionate about her work. However, on several occasions, she has let her emotions get the best of her with her colleagues. You have witnessed this in a few team meetings, but you have also received reports from numerous staff members that she frequently loses her cool with them when trying to solve problems.
Elena states that she gets frustrated with her colleagues because she feels overwhelmed with her workload and feels that other people are putting too much on her plate. This is negatively contributing to her attitude and outward frustrations in her interactions. You and Elena should work together to identify appropriate time management and communication strategies for interacting with her colleagues by leveraging tools such as self-awareness, social awareness, self-management, relationship management, time management, and metacognition.


At the beginning of this course, you completed the pre-simulation scenario. Now it is time for your final scenario simulation (post-simulation) with Elena. Take another attempt at having a discussion with Elena by demonstrating the skills you have learned during this course. After you have completed the post-simulation, document your interaction with Elena, and provide a coaching plan for her continued professional development.
Note: There is a 2-week advance scheduling window for the sessions. Therefore, you will need to be proactive in your simulation session scheduling.
Part 1: Review the Post-Simulation Information sheet below. Complete the final scenario simulation with Elena.
Post-Simulation Information Sheet
Part 2: Document your interaction with Elena for HR purposes. The information will be used to compile coaching recommendations for Elena’s professional growth and development. Your documentation should contain the following information:

  • Provide a summary of what was discussed with Elena and how she responded.
  • Identify Elena’s key issues.
  • Document coaching recommendations to be implemented by Elena in the next 30 days, including a time management plan and recommendations for increasing her level of awareness in her communication with her colleagues.
  • Demonstrate how the six competencies listed below are relevant to your discussion with Elena by providing examples for each of the following points:
  • Self-awareness – As Elena’s manager, give an example of how you leveraged the emotional intelligence component of self-awareness in your discussion with Elena.
  • Social awareness – Provide examples of how Elena can leverage social awareness in her interactions with her colleagues.
  • Self-management – Provide recommendations for how Elena can manage her emotions in her interactions with her colleagues.
  • Relationship management – Provide examples of ways that Elena can positively enhance her relationship-management strategy with her colleagues.
  • Time management – Identify Elena’s issues with time-management and explain how these issues have negatively contributed to her personal level of stress and the relationships she has with her colleagues.
  • Metacognition – As a manager, explain the role of metacognition in your coaching conversation with Elena. Provide specific examples of your thought process as you determine the guidance and next course of action for Elena.

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