Response To Pamela Post

When I look through the Social Science lens, as it relates to air pollution, I think of human behavior and ask the questions; what actions or inactions do humans take to contribute to, or reduce air pollution?  Through the Natural Science lens, one could make a conclusion based on actual facts and data collected through scientific experiments and testing.
After viewing air pollution through both lenses, I believe human behavior is the direct result of air pollution, therefore studying the topic through both lenses, seems the only logical choice. Through the Natural Science lens, we can study the root cause and consequences of air pollution.  Through the Social Science lens, we can mitigate the negative effects of air pollution by studying the human behavior directly related to the cause, and suggest alternatives.
In this case, the two lenses, in a sense, cross-promote and collaborate with each other.  I do not believe my view on the topic has changed after looking through the two lenses, but I definitely have a better understanding of how the two are related and provoke thought.
I am currently working on the Lens Chart, could you tell me if this is a project that is turned in?

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