Restaurant Operations Plan

Restaurant Operations Plan
The goal of this assignment is to work through the operational aspects of running a hospitality oriented business. This could be a hotel, restaurant or cafe. I am hopeful that this exercise will help each of you to understand better what small business owners or even managers in these businesses work through on a daily basis. This preparation will help you to step into roles within these organizations with an understanding of how their policies were created and why. It will also help you to think critically about which policies might need updating. For example, prior to a few years ago most businesses did not have social media usage policies built into their staff handbook or orientation plans. Now they are industry standard.
Here is how I envision your manual looking:
1.Cover Page – Manual Cover:

  • Business Name
  • Operations Manual
  • Produced by Team X

2.Table Of Contents
3.Covid-19 Cleaning and Other Protocols:

  • Employee & Customer health check
  • Signage
  • Cleanliness protocols

4.Floor Plan (SOP’s):

  • If it’s table service then table #’s, counter service not required but a description of how you will find a guest if needed.
  • Process Flow – Description of how business flows for your primary businesses(es).

5.Organizational Chart & Job Descriptions (HR Issues):

  • Department Heads and direct reports
  • Roles & Responsibilities
  • One Sample Job description for an employment position (something you would use for hiring purposes).

6.Systems (e-business solutions):

  • Payroll/scheduling
  • POS
  • Table management/Reservation
  • CRM
  • Inventory management
  • Accounting
  • Day to day (office suite, graphics design, internet, social media etc.)
  • Integration

7.Costing System:

  • Discussion about Pricing Strategy (marketing plan) and costing method (cost based vs value based)
  • Example of three menu items costed for direct inputs (recipe) and menu price.

8.Customer Service Procedures & Policies:

  • How should staff manage customer interactions – when to escalate to manager, when to solve themselves.

9.Promotions Methods and Procedures:

  • How do staff deal with coupons, gift certificates (GC) etc.
  • Selling GC’s
  • Validating / Redeeming GC’s

10. References

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