Rhetorical Analysis

1. Analyze a recent persuasive speech (within the past three years) utilizing each of Aristotle’s three artistic proofs: logos, ethos, pathos. You can pull from different branches of government and/or occasions, and various issues.
2. Identify the speaker, speech, and occasion.
3. Source all examples from the same speech to examine the interrelation between the modes of proof.
4. Feel free to use any of the terms and concepts for each type of proof.
o For instance, you could identify an enthymeme and/or a series of examples for logos.
o You could also analyze intelligence, character, and/or goodwill as the primary method of establishing ethos.
o You could recognize the speaker’s evocation of any of the emotions as an example of pathos.
5. For each concept, develop a clear thesis in one paragraph (three paragraphs total, approximately one page each).
Rhetorical Analysis Style 

  • Aside      from identifying the speaker, speech, and occasion, avoid introductory      comments one would typically find in a full-length essay, for instance:      “The lecture notes outline several types of artistic      proof,” or “rhetoric is a multi-faceted part of our society.”       Simply begin with the first concept that applies to      your example, such as: “The speaker used the following enthymeme as a      means of creating logos.”  Then proceed to illustrate      this artistic proof through brief      quotations (1-2 sentences max. for each quotation) from the      speech itself.
  • For      each example, provide direct quotations that demonstrate      that concept.  In other words, provide proof or evidence      for your claim about the speaker’s method of persuasion.
  • Keep      quotations 1-2 sentences maximum.  It’s better to      follow each brief quotation with strong explanations in your own      words than to simply string together a series of block quotations. The      goal is to show your analytical skills.

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