Social Change – ‘Black Lives Matter

Please answer and post thoughtful responses and comments to the following questions for the weekly discussion topic.
1. Watch Video, ‘Black Lives Matter: How 3 Words Became a Movement’ under the Week 8 Content. Discuss how this movement became mobilized, and apply concepts of collective action to describe them.
2. What is the difference between social movement and collective action? Give examples of each.
3. Can you think of a time when your behavior in a crowd was dictated by the circumstances? Give an example of emergent-norm perspective, using your own experience if you had.
4. Do you think social media is an important tool in creating social change? Why or why not? Defend your perspective with examples.
5. How does the resource-mobilization theory build on a weakness of the classical model in the effort to theorize on the way social movements arise?
6. Discuss the digital divide amid Covid-19 pandemic. Is there a real concern that poorer communities are lacking in technology? Why or why not?

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