Sociology| Social Theory Discussions

Discussions Unit 3:
1.) For you, what are the top three major historical circumstances that influenced the emergence of western European sociology? And why? Note, the reading discussed at least six historical circumstances. (About 60-90 words)
2.) Can sociology be a true science?
What is the fundamental problem of sociological inquiry?
What do you think Emile Durkheim’s position was on these two questions? (About 60-90 words)
3.) According to Emile Durkheim, what are key aspects to social facts? And, why would Durkheim view divorce a social fact? (About 60-90 words)
Discussion Unit 4:

  1. Describe how Emile Durkheim’s study on suicide illustrates positivism in sociology. Provide one positivist hypothesis mentioned in the reading. Hint: see Table 1 in the reading. (About 50-80 words)
  2. Do you agree or disagree with the readings by Mills and by Crothers in terms of their assertions about the weaknesses and limitations of functionalism, in general, and structural functionalism, in particular? Why or why not? (About 50-80 words)
  3. A news report blames parent’s inability to ensure proper “socialization” for youth delinquency.  Why would researchers Prout and James reject this use of the “socialization” concept? What do they offer as a better sociological concept, instead of “socialization”? (About 60-90 words)

Discussion Unit 5:

  1. Using Max Weber’s ideal type approach, what would be two examples of ideal type of schools? (about 60-90 words)
  2. Provide two distinct examples of economic classes in northern California. (about 50-80 words)
  3. Would Max Weber analyze gender as class or as status? Explain. (about 50-80 words)

Discussion Unit 6:

  1. What are at least three features or characteristics of the modern bureaucracy identified by Weber? (about 60-90 words)
  2. Identify one major social benefit of bureaucracy in modern society identified by Weber.  And, identify one major social constraint of the modern bureaucracy identified by Weber. (about 60-90 words)
  3. Using Max Weber’s types of power and domination, where do you think he would locate power in the U.S. federal government? (about 50-80 words)

Discussion Unit 9:

  1. What is Karl Marxist’s notion of critique? Apply Marxist’s critique to Durkheim’s sociology. (about 60-90 words)
  2. Apply Karl Marxist’s critique to interpretivist sociology, in general, and Weber’s sociology, in particular. (about 50-80 words)
  3. How would Karl Marxists analyze the “Fight for 15″ political campaign”? Hint: consider aspects of dialectics, critique, and praxis as discussed in the reading. Also, for some information about the campaign, see: (Links to an external site.). (about 50-80 words)
  4. Why do Karl Marxists focus on providing a critique of political economy? (about 50-80 words)

Discussion Unit 10:

  1. Based on Marx’s equation to calculate the rate of exploitation, what is the condition when exploitation is zero? What is the economic and political significance of this condition? (about 60-90 words)
  2. Explain the significance of this quote from the Communist Manifesto excerpt: “The weapons with which the bourgeoisie felled feudalism to the ground are now turned against the bourgeoisie itself.” (about 60-90 words)
  3. Interpret the meaning of “rate of exploitation = 1000” for making hamburgers at a fast-food restaurant.  Would this rate of exploitation increase or decrease when greater automation is introduced to make these hamburgers?  (about 60-90 words)
  4. How would increases in the minimum wage affect the rate of exploitation at a fast-food restaurant? (about 50-80 words)

Discussion Unit 12:

  1. How do you think feminists-of-color position themselves regarding issues of identity politics? (about 50-80 words)
  2. How does C. Moraga position herself in relations to the earlier Chicano movement and the mainstream liberal feminist struggles? (about 50-80 words)
  3. How do you think E. Martinez positioned herself in relations to Marxism and in relations to feminism? (about 50-80 words)


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