Starting a Business/Creating an LLC

Starting a Business/Creating an LLC

The process of starting a business is extremely time‐consuming. A successful entrepreneur is aware that careful attention to legal issues is an essential component of success, even if they do not contribute directly to the bottom line.


Outline the initial steps of forming a CA business entity, specifically a Limited Liability Company (LLC). First, read the overview of Limited Liability Companies  download, Second, watch the Video at the bottom of this page. Third, review the Fact Pattern. And, fourth, provide brief answers to all 6 questions below.

Fact Pattern:

Lowell Litigant and Bernard Bedford have a great idea to open a shop selling re‐cycled kitty litter, in Huntington Beach, CA. Lowell and Bernard believe there is a demand for their product in that area of the State. They want to form a Limited Liability Company called, “Un‐Fresh Step, LLC.” Lowell and Bernard have already signed a lease for the shop, and have the equipment ready for production.


  1. With which CA government agency will Lowell and Bernard need to register their LLC?
  2. Is the LLC name (“Un‐Fresh Step, LLC”) available? *Hint: check here (Links to an external site.).
  3. What document will Lowell and Bernard file to form the LLC, and what is the filing fee?
  4. Can Lowell be the LLC’s Registered Agent?
  5. Once the LLC is formed, the owners should prepare an internal governing document. What is that called?
  6. Take a look at some of the brands and businesses you are most familiar with. Name 2 that do business as an LLC.

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