Stock Analysis

1. Give me your analysis of the S&P 500. Use a 5 year weekly chart with 50 and 200-period moving averages. Use a daily chart with 50 and 200-period moving averages and an indicator that we cover in class. Give me the A/D Line on both.
2. Print a one year daily bar chart of your stock with all relevant trend lines.
3. Print two five-year weekly charts of your stock (one log scale and one arithmetic scale). Include on-balance volume on both charts. Draw all relevant trend lines.
4. Print a one-year daily chart of your stock with a 9 and 14 period RSI at the bottom. Highlight all overbought and oversold levels. Be sure to adjust these for the trend.
5. Print a one-year bar chart of your stock with a 20 and 50-day moving average. Show the buy and sell signals of a two moving average system.
6. Print a one-year chart of your stock relative to the S&P 500. Is it leading or lagging?
7. Write a thoughtful analysis of your stock and tell me if you would open a long or short position as of the due date.

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