The Ethics Of Policy

The Ethics of Policy
Choose a criminal justice organization or specific agency for which you aspire to work (probation/parole, police agency, corrections, courts, etc.).
Use credible sources (preferably peer-reviewed) to conduct research on your chosen sector. Based on your research, provide an analysis of at least one current ethical challenge or dilemma in that sector, including why this dilemma/challenge is occurring.
Then, identify a policy that currently exists to address this dilemma. Based on your research, analyze the policy according to the ethical frameworks of deontology, utilitarianism and virtue. Describe the ethical dilemmas presented by the topic and the merits of that policy as it pertains to all stakeholders impacted (i.e., the agency, public safety, the offender, etc.). What are the social, economic, or political influences on this topic?
Next, make recommendations to remedy or minimize the ethical challenges.
In a 7- 8-page research paper, formatted according to the writing standards present the findings of your research, your analysis of the organization or agency’s challenge(s), and recommendations for navigating the issue(s).
Include information on the APA requirements adopted by the University.
This research paper should include the following elements:

  • 7-8 pages in length (not including the cover/title page and reference page).
  • Cite and discuss a minimum of four peer-reviewed, academic journal articles. You may also want to include other reputable references in addition to the minimum required peer-reviewed sources (information from not-for-profit organizations, etc.).
  • In addition to a title page, abstract, and a reference page, the project format should include the following sections, separated by headings/subheadings:
  • Introduction—Explanation of the background and context of the ethical issue you have chosen to analyze
  • Research/Analysis—analysis of whether the associated policy is adequate and ethical
  • Recommendations—what can be done to better address the ethical issue and policy
  • Conclusion—brief summary restatement of the above sections


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