The Inequalities Of Social Classes In The Penelopiad


1) You are expected to provide specific reference from The Penelopiad and at least 2 primary sources of your choice. You can cite sources with author’s last name and page number (when appropriate) in parenthesis.
a. Analysis is the most important part of this, and should be woven in with the summary of the sources. In other words, whenever you summarize, you should also be making an argument for why the source in question is important with only minimal summary.
2) You will be expected to use at least 2 sources other than The Penelopiad  that you have read from class to support your argument.
a. The secondary essays in your collection of text may be used, but do not count towards the sources
b. All sources should be cited in parentheses with author’s last name and page number. If there is no author, the title is fine. If there are no page numbers, provide any distinction there is (ex: part, book, etc.). If there are no distinctions, you can just put author’s name or title.
3) All margins should be 1”
4) Text should be 12 point font, double spaced, with standard spacing between punctuation, etc.
a. No long headers  – identifying material does not count for page requirements
b. Do not add extra space between paragraphs
5) Paper should be 3-4 pages long
6) No bibliography or works cited is needed.
7) I will review outlines, or rough drafts, for content (not grammar, etc.) submitted before Friday, October 9th.
Topic: The inequalities of social classes in the penelopiad

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