The Nature of the Study

Welcome to Week 4. This week’s assignment is to submit the Nature of the Study. This requires you to discuss the appropriateness of the research method. Be it quantitative, qualitative, or mixed. Also, discusses the design appropriateness and how the design will accomplish the study objectives.
The Nature of the Study section should average between 1 to 5 pages. That is at the minimum, you should have a full page of this section. Citations are needed to support assertions made, but do not write from one quote to another. The nature of the study must be clearly aligned with the problem statement and purpose statement.
I need help with:

  • Help with editing title still
  • Chapter 1: What is the population size in numbers?
  • Chapter 1: What sampling method will be used to select the 30 participants?
  • Chapter 1: Significance of study need to be supported with literature.
  • Writing Nature of the Study with supported documentation no less than 5 years old and with specifications listed above.


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