The Numbers On The Work.

[Note: To complete this template, replace the bracketed text with your own content. Remove this note before you submit your outline.]

Report: Selling Price and Area Analysis for D.M. Pan National Real Estate Company

[Your Name]
Southern New Hampshire University


[Include in this section a brief overview, including the purpose of the report.]

Representative Data Sample

[Present your simple random sample of 30, including the region you selected for your sample. Then identify the mean, median, and standard deviation of the median listing price and the median square foot variables.]

Data Analysis

[Discuss how the regional sample created is reflective of the national market. Compare and contrast your regional sample with the national population using the National Statistics and Graphs document found in the Module Two Assignment Guidelines and Rubric.
Explain how you have made sure that the sample is random. Explain your methods to get a truly random sample.]


[Insert a scatterplot graph of the sample using the x and y variables noted earlier. Include a trend line and the regression equation.]
The Pattern
[Based on your graph, define each variable, and explain which variable will be useful for making predictions and why.]
[Describe the association between x and y in the scatterplot and determine its shape. Identify any outliers you see in the graph and explain why these occur and what they represent.]
[If you had a 1,200 square foot house, based on the regression equation in the graph, what price would you choose to list at? Explain.]

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